Like a white cloud drifting through azure skies...
As peered skyward through the rafters of a heavenless Midgar...
We made a Promise...
And that was the last time we spoke...

Before the days of choas, before Advent Children, and before Final Fantasy VII

There was once another forgotten era unknown and foriegn. SOLIDER's stormed the land, the planet at war. Friendships and loves torn apart by rules and heart ache and the bravery to become the best of the best.

This is the Azure Skies Crisis Core RP.
Indulge in the fantasy
Become part of it.

This is a final fantasy vii based role-playing community set in the year Zack joins SOLIDER. We are now accepting applications! See the community board for the application form. This is a role-play community dedicated to high quality writing.

Other Random Stuff We Feel Obliged to Mention

Please stay true to both the plot and the time period. 

Also, when making icons, try to use actors who have been in appropriate period pieces so that your icons can look like they belong.

DON'T Mary Sue. There will be NO Mary Sue-ing on this site.

Leave your pride at home. Be willing to accept criticisms as help, not insult. We mean well, we promise.

HAVE FUN! We command it.