1. Thou shalt not kill without permission from the player or a moderator.

Your character cannot kill another character without first obtaining permission to do so, for obvious reasons as it may not follow cannon. This is also true with weapons which we know are indestructable eg Zack's buster sword.

3. Thou shalt not Power Play without permission.
You cannot control another character or speak for another character without first obtaining permission from the person who controls them.

3. Thou shalt not be almighty.
Your character can't magically control everything in about on the planet eg kill everyone etc.

All three of these offences can be punishable by expulsion from "Azure Skies", depending on the scale at which they were committed.



1. Have a decent audition. Please.
2. The voting staff are in charge, and thats me. Please don't refute their or my decision.
3. In the audition form, it will ask you if there is anything you would like to add. So we know you read the rules, write "Sephiroth is Number 1 Son."
4. Make sure your audition sticks to the current plot of the rpg as much as possible which at the moment is to the fact Zack has just started.
5. No cross-overs. We're not having a SOLIDER member who weild a wand thanks
6. Be familiar with the information of the games atleast FFVII if not Advent Children. If you're saying something that directly conflicts with canon, we'll have to stone you.
7. Please make your audition AT LEAST 300 words.
8. All auditions MUST fit into ONE post. Everything put into a second post will be ignored.

Auditioning will be put in a seperate link called AUDITIONING or AUDITION POST.