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The Form

Your Name:

Character Name:



Character LiveJournal:

Any Writing Experience:


Birth Date:




Sexual Orientation:

Back Story:



Anything you'd like to add?

Audition Passage:

The Back Story doesn't have to be lengthy, but should explain roughly the character's childhood, and anything important that occurred there in eg bad up bringing the reason for scars etc.

The Audition Passage should be NO MORE THAN A PAGE IN LENGTH. If you can't prove to us that you rock in one page... we're not wasting our time.

In the Occupation section, you must only be a trainee or low level solider than those said to be higher, High level ooc soliders who are stronger than Sephiroth etc, cannot exsist and do not suit canon.

Once received, Auditions will be posted on the main community journal and voted on by those on the site by majority

Make sure that auditions are written in html format. If you want a section in italics please use appropriate tags. I WILL NOT ADD THEM IN FOR YOU.
Guess I'm first? Or maybe I'm doing this in the wrong place... Ah well. heres the shot :P
The Form

Your Name: Kaitlyn

Character Name: Cloud Strife

E-mail: Cloud-69@hotmail.com

Aim: so1dierboy

Character LiveJournal: loyal_trooper (:P didn't kill to make one.)

Any Writing Experience: Two years of roleplaying final fantasy seven, I primarily do Zax, Cloud, Sephiroth, and I've done Hojo.

Sex: Male (ooc female)

Birth Date: 08/11 (ooc 17 years old)

Occupation: Trainee, military trooper

Parentage: Single parent; mother.

Pets: N/A

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Back Story: Cloud Strife was another ordinary boy born in early Neibelheim shortly before the Wutaian war had broken out between ShinRa and Wutai. He spent most of his earlier childhood in the small town near the Neibel peak being raised by a single mother; his father leaving them behind before Cloud could hit the age of two. He was never much of a social, optimistic being; Cloud would often find himself isolated from the main group of children when it came to play. As later time proceeded in his childhood, he would not only accept that he was an outcast, but begin to convince himself that the others were just ignorant, and he didn't need them.

When he finally hit the age of fourteen, he acted upon his pride: Cloud Strife left Neibelheim in a boyhood legacy to prove himself to those who outcasted him and to society itself; to join SOLDIER, much like many of the boys did around adolescent age.. Cloud now spends today in the ShinRa metropolis, Midgar, as a trooper for the military in hopes to build his rank to that of the top members in SOLDIER.

Hes relatively tolerant, and is very obedient. He also has a talent for cooking, helping his mother around the house when he was a kid.
Training, reading, daydreaming, combat
Anything you'd like to add?
Sephiroth is Number 1 Son.

Audition Passage:
Cloud nervously made his way into the banquet of the political victory for the communist government ShinRa... managing to succumb to his desire to see the great man who had lead them to victory; General Sephiroth.. the man who had inspired him to wear the uniform he was wearing today.

One day, he would be just like him..

No: he'd be better one day; Bringing pride back to his hometown, and regret to those who have looked as him as an outcast in his childhood..

Yeah. They'd be sorry. ALL of them- he will show them hes no pushover at all..

He then shook his head suddenly; regaining mindset.

Ugh.. he was losing focus. He had almost forgotton that he really wasn't even supposed to be here. Technically, hes not even a SOLDIER; let alone an important individual to the government- nor did he have anything at all to do with the Wutaian War.

He sighed and strode by covertly, seeing all the governemt officials and important figures in SHINRA- people who'd likely get suspicious of him if it weren't for his eyes; omitting an eerie SOLDIER-like ethereal glow convincible enough to make him appear mako-induced. They were an unexplainable phenomenon.. but hey; as long as he could get away with coming off as a strong warrior on first glance, he had no problems with them.

Still.. he figured he had better be cautious anyway.

He cornered himself in a dimmed area of the room and sighed; feeling unfit for the luxury around him, he avoided any of it's spoils and glanced at the passing crowd- then locking his eyes on the tall, slender, silver haired man situated a short distance from him. The blonde's heart began melting with envy.

It was Sephiroth.. in the flesh. Forgetting his surroundings, he drowned in his idolization as his eyes fixed themselves on every movemnet of the angelic fighter.

'One day: I will be just like that man. I swear it..'
Ha. I actually didn't write that just now, I stole it from one of the rps I do pre neibel Cloud. Here hes at a banquet with Zax, trying to get eyes and impression on the General Sephiroth.
YAY! somebody wanted to take part! *glomps*
ok, as for the fact I am the only person here at the moment, I will say that your definately in, as that is a very impressive rp form. Plus I love Cloud to peices ^____^ If you know anyone else who wants to join please do tell them. I havent found anyone else yet.

and I'll make you a member cloud a member of the community right now.